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Arbconsultants are at the vanguard of procedural Plant Health Care in Great Britain working in partnership with our customers to achieve a sustainable urban tree population With the increasing risk of litigation land managers must now be aware of the hazards that trees may pose and take appropriate action to ensure that their tree population is managed so as to reduce any risks to an acceptable level. Arbconsultants has undertaken tree surveys, inspections, valuations and appraisals for a number of national organisations and Local Authorities. Arbconsultants can design and implement a system that is suitable for the resources of the organisation so that the scope, frequency and rigour are appropriate for the site.

A line of Lime trees surveyed for a Local Authority
A line of Lime trees surveyed for a Local Authority

In conjunction with tree surveys Arbconsultants can also write site specific or comprehensive tree strategies which will define management objectives and allow for better financial controls enabling the organisation to plan for the future.

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