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Homebuyers Information Pack - Tree Reports

Arbconsultants consultants are fully qualified to assess trees in relation to properties having undertaken certificates in Trees and Mortgage Insurance Reporting awarded by Myerscough College; widely recognised as an International Centre of Excellence and recently awarded Centre of Vocational Excellence status for the northwest by the Learning and Skills Council. The methodology used by Arbconsultants represents best practice for arboricultural reports for insurance and mortgage purposes.

Indirect damage through moisture abstraction by tree roots from shrinkable load-bearing soils can cause differential movement within a properties foundations resulting in subsidence. All Arbconsultants' Home Information Pack reports include the results of soil samples at foundation depth, ensuring that an informed decision can be made as to appropriate tree management options. Additionally the trees are assessed for direct damage to the property and the structural safety of the tree.

Arbconsultants will provide the householder with appropriate vegetation management recommendations that will take into account the trees age and species and proximity to the property.

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