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The Arbconsultants Team
Chris Raper - Consultant Chris Raper � Consultant
Chris had a background in business before going on to work in Local Government and then starting Arbconsultants. Chris now specialises in developing arboricultural products for our partners and clients. Chris has a first class Honours degree in Arboriculture awarded by Myerscough College in conjunction with the University of Central Lancashire, a Certificate in Trees and Mortgage Reporting and completed the Tree Hazard Assessment course at Houghhall College. Chris now focuses on Local Government contracts, planning and development work.

Andy Hirons - Tree Physiologist Andy Hirons BSc (Hons), PGCE, M.Arbor.A - Tree Physiologist
Andy has worked in tree care in the UK, Australia and America. He has a wide range of experience as a climbing arborist and plant health care technician from working in tree care around the world. Andy holds a 1st class Honours degree in Arboriculture and is currently doing research for his PhD on the use of novel water management techniques on ornamental tree production. Andy advises on specific tree health care issues to ensure that the recommended tree management is underpinned with current best scientific practice.

Ann-Marie Wood � Administration Ann-Marie Wood � Administration
Ann-Marie is the office manager and is the first point of contact when dealing with administrative and accountancy issues. Ann Marie has an extensive background in office management and is responsible for work scheduling, information policy, budgets and managing client relationships. Ann-Marie has overseen the investment in business systems that build on the technical knowledge and thus ensures that Arbconsultants works at the leading edge of arboricultural consultancies.

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